Best Grill Pans in 2019 Review

People with a passion for everything grilled can now grill in all kinds of weather with the grill pan.

Yet, a grill pan is not something you just randomly pick up. Some serious thinking is needed if you want the best grill pan. It goes without saying that tremendous benefits are in store for you if you pick the right and best grill pan.

For one thing, nothing’s handier than a grill pan. It does not matter if you don’t own a grill as long as you have a grill pan. Raining outside? No problem. You can still grill all you want when you have a grill pan in your kitchen.

No grill? No problem. The grill pan is your handy-dandy kitchen tool that will always be there when you need it most.

Choosing the best grill pan will not only provide the perfect grilled steak. It’s also meant to make you enjoy a BBQ party even when it’s raining outside.

4 Best Grill Pans Review

Making it to our top list was not easy for the grill pans. They were subjected to research and tested to prove their worth. This has made us come up with top picks for the best grill pan every cook must have in their kitchen.

Lodge 10.5 inch iron flat grill press square cast iron grill pan

The large size makes the Lodge 10.5 inch cast iron grill pan a must-have kitchen accessory. The deeper sides of the grill pan result in less to zero oil spattering.


  • High ridges for better food drainage
  • Easy and convenient grilling
  • non-stick quality
  • Exceptional heat retention
  • Superior heat conductor
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to heat
  • Easy to clean


  • Easy to clean

Vremi pre-seasoned heavy duty cast iron square grill pan with Silicon handle covers

This Vremi grill pan model seems to have it all. The compact size makes indoor or outdoor grilling easy and convenient.


  • Portable size
  • easy to transfer from oven to cooktop
  • Low maintenance
  • easy to clean compared to similar electric grill models
  • Unique silicon handle
  • The red silicone handle cover prevents hand burns
  • Non-stick
  • Pre-seasoned


l  Not preseasoned as claimed

Iwatani takoyaki medium black grill pan CB-P-TAF

Cooking Takoyaki becomes fun and exciting when a grill pan type such as the Iwatani is used. It’s because different food styles and tastes become a reality with this best grill pan for Takoyaki.


  • Non-stick coating
  • Light and handy
  • Made of Aluminum alloy
  • Good heat conductor
  • Exceptional Heat retention feature
  • Must-have kitchen accessory for cooking takoyaki
  • Great design
  • Reasonable price


  • The absence of negative reviews from users assures us that the Iwatani is one of the best grill pans to have in the kitchen.

Set of 2 non-stick grill topper BBQ grilling pans with stainless steel handles

The grill topper is a piece of woven steel or aluminum that provides perfect grilled vegetables and food at all times. Looking like an ordinary wire rack, this brilliant invention takes cooking to the next delicious level.


  • Made of non-stick carbon-steel surface
  • Boosts natural flavors of food with the perforated grill surface
  • Food slippage through the grill is prevented by the tray’s grid pattern design
  • You get two high-quality grill toppers for the price of one
  • Food serving and carrying becomes fast and easy with the stainless steel handles
  • Can be used to grill a variety of foods from fish, vegetables, shrimp, and meat


  • Food sticks to the trays even when sprayed with cooking spray
  • A bit expensive

How to Choose Good Grill Pans

The grill pan comes in two types and models. They can either be enameled or cast iron. Features to look out for when you want to nail the best grill pan on your first try:

Go for the raised ridges rather than the shallow models

There are two models for grill pans. The ridged types have bars that mimic a grill. The shallow ones are more like speed bumps.

We all want chops and steaks showing defined lines when we grill them. If you don’t have a grill, the next best thing is the ridged grill pan.

When you want your food to taste and look great, nothing beats the well-defined ridge type of grill pan.

Food tends to crowd close to the bottom of the pan with the shallower design. This produces steam which we all know is not the right way to cook chops or steaks. Grilling vegetables on the shallower models makes them tasteless, limp, and watery.

The well-defined ridges eliminate steam buildup as you sear the food. The ridges are the only contact your food has on the pan, producing slow but thorough cooking.

Cast iron makes the best grill pan option

Go for the cast iron in addition to the raised ridges. Cast iron has the ability to retain heat and distribute it evenly through the food.

Slow and thorough cooking is what grilling is all about. The cast iron grill pan models are the best to use when you want mouth-watering chops and steaks all the time.

While the cast iron types can be quite bulky, they beat the enameled surfaces of other grill pan models.


The best grill pan that is perfect in every way is still to be created. However, the grill pan review given by this article is to make it a bit perfect for the time being. While grilling food has been a mainstay in our lives, it has evolved to a new level with the grill pan.

The grill pan designs of today are designed to imitate the distinctive lines that are the hallmarks of every chop and steak. The grill lines seen in steaks and chops along with the smoky delicious flavors are the things we love about grilling.

Isn’t it about time to make grilling perfect and authentic in all seasons? You definitely can with the best grill pan recommended by this review.

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